The consultancy services provided by Illume Learning allow for individualised student support. Consultancy can be provided in-school, via phone or via Skype and are designed to address the unique needs of your student.

Consultations can provide individualised support to assist with a range of topics including:

  • Management of Challenging Behaviours
  • Development of Personalised and Differentiated Curriculum
  • Development and Implementation of Literacy and Numeracy Programs
  • Creating an Inclusive Classroom and School Community
  • Environmental Modifications (Classroom and Wider School)
  • Successful Incorporation of Inclusive Technologies
  • Transitioning Students into School, to High School and Post School

What’s Included in a Consultancy Session?
Before any of our consultancy sessions we ask you to complete a short survey to provide us with some information about your student and your goals for the session. This allows us to ensure that the consultancy session is customised to you needs and that we address all of your goals. For in-school consults, we request that we spend a short time observing the student in their educational setting followed by a meeting with the staff that work to support that student. During this meeting we can work collaboratively to discuss any challenges, provide suggestions for resources, provide assistance with curriculum design and modification and more. Following the visit, a report will be sent outlining all of the recommendations made and links to additional information and resources if appropriate. Consultancy bookings also include a follow up phone call or email a month after our visit to address any outstanding concerns. 


To request a consultancy session with Illume Learning please email

We look forward to working with you!