Hands on activities for counting, sorting and fine motor – *activity card included*

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This set contains a selection of 30 maths manipulatives, 5 coloured plastic easy-grip tweezers, and a durable plastic sorting bowl. Through a range of activities, children can develop their understanding of colours, sorting (according to colour, shape, size, object type etc.), counting and fine motor skills. Encourage the children to sort the objects into the correct section of the bowl- either by matching the colour, or placing the correct number of items in each section. They can develop fine motor skills by using the colour-coded tongs to move each of the objects when counting or sorting. The maths manipulatives can also be used to help young students build an understanding of patterning, ordering, sorting, counting, classifying and conservation. The ability to sort objects and classify them according to specific features is an important aspect of early mathematical thinking. A card of recommended activities is also included.

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