Illume Learning was established in 2015 by experienced and dedicated professionals in the fields of disability and education in Australia.

Illume Learning provides dynamic training, engaging resources and customised consultancy services to both educators and parents. The team at Illume Learning are passionate about ensuring that students with diverse learning needs reach their potential and welcome the opportunity to work together to ensure this becomes a reality.

Amanda works alongside schools and families throughout Australia to support the successful inclusion of students with diverse learning needs. Amanda regularly shares her expertise through passionate and practical presentations at a variety of national and international conferences. Amanda delights in educating, inspiring and challenging views about what’s possible in the world of teaching and learning for students with diverse learning needs. Importantly, she is a teacher at heart, with a wealth of experience teaching learners of all ages. Amanda’s areas of expertise include literacy instruction, reading development, curriculum modification, inclusive technologies and learners with Down syndrome.
Drawing on a range of personal and professional experiences, Rachel believes strongly in capacity building through the provision of information and strategies that focus on working with a student’s individual strengths and interests to achieve better outcomes. Rachel’s areas of specialty include Down syndrome, intellectual disability, behaviour, visual supports and inclusive technologies. She enjoys sharing her insights regularly through engaging, practical presentations at a range of conferences throughout Australia and overseas. A passionate advocate for the potential of people with disability, Rachel challenges families and educators to dream big!

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